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Units  of a comprehensive traffic control system


Prox Gate, New security solution

One of the concerns that have occupied the minds of most managers is to provide a safe and controlled environment in the complex without creating unconventional restrictions so that all parts of the complex as well as the access of different people, including staff and clients can be controlled. Such action also requires the physical control of individuals, so that this action does not  displease people. Saela  comprehensive traffic control system , using the latest technology in the world, creates a complete security system without any traffic restrictions and in a completely accurate and reliable manner, with respect for individuals.


System introduction

To achieve the above goal, by providing a solid map for all parts of the complex, a different security system is determined for each part according to the level of security and access level, which in some parts will use physical control and invisible control. Obviously, by creating physical barriers, some sections such as attendance,  staff dining, and guest ,traffic  will be disrupted, but by the  comprehensive security  solutions the problem will be solved .

Subsystems of comprehensive security solution

High level of security, without disrupting traffic in the complex

  • Physical traffic control
  • Tracking people in the collection (on line monitoring)
  • Attendance of staff
  • Guest traffic management
  • Car traffic control



Traffic control  by speed gates

These speed gates  have two  glasses wing  to  avoid the passage of people who cannot pass or jump, and the device physically controls all unauthorized traffic, such as passing more than one person or crossing the opposite side. These are only installed at the entrances of the complex  to create a physical barrier. The gates are equipped with fingerprint sensors and card readers, and they also used as staff attendance system at the entry points. The gates designed for duty heavy construction  sites

 The Gates  are completely safe and do not harm people. In emergencies  such as   fires or  earthquakes, the gates open automatically.

Tracking system

In addition to creating physical barriers with turnstiles gates , invisible controls are also used to increase security in the complex. For this purpose, hypothetical spaces (zones) are drawn in the complex, and long-range readers  or face recognition camera are installed inside these spaces. With the movement of people in front of these readers or cameras , the  person  detected  and the person code will be sent to the central server. With this action, the location of the person is determined to point by point at any time. If a person enters an unauthorized zone, a warning alarm will sound for security chief  to prevent  the individual to enter in some zones. The turnstiles is used  to make people carry the the cards.

Vehicle control system

This system is used to control the car and the people who travel to the complex with this car. For this purpose, readers are installed at the entrance of parking lots, and these readers issue orders to open and close the parking barriers. By showing the card to the card reader, the person's information appears on the guard computer and if there are necessary permits, the server issues a command to open the barrier. After the car passes, the barrier is closed and the person's entry is recorded. This entry is also recorded for staff as attendance.

Turnstiles cameras

For each of the above devices (turnstiles , car control, tracking), a network camera can be installed on top of them. Video recording stops at a certain time and a video file is stored on the server for this action. Therefore, the system administrator will be able to search all saved videos with three options: card number, date, and time. Ordinary CCTV cameras do not have this feature.

Staff Dining  system

Due to the integration of all traffic systems in the complex, it is better that the staff  dining control  system  integrated to the comprehensive  system. It will help to increase  the control of  staff dining hall , for example, if a person is on leave, no tokens are provided for him.

Controlling of access to special complex sections

For people to have access to special places in the complex, such as laboratories, meeting rooms, important people’s rooms, readers can be connected next to the door. These readers issue an order to open the electric magnet connected to the door according to the permissions on the server. With this action, all traffic to the desired locations is under control and can be monitored at any time.



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