Parking gate Saela p200

SAELA P200 Parking System:

P200 is the part of total systems security which provide the secure access control of cars in to the parking site lot .

This system can automatically control the barrier to be opened for authorized person  and  closed after across  the car  while this process  it can take a capture  from driver face.

This system can  read  the various types of the cards like ( MIDFARE , PROXIMITY )  by  distance.

This unit can show  more  information on the screen like authorized driver identity , warning messages and alarm to an unauthorized driver




  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Internal UPS for operation in  power  outage condition
  • Audible alarms notify nearby  driver to pass with led light
  • Work stand alone when connection outage with server
  • Capable to define  the Special operation cards to open the barrier permanently  in special conditions.
  • Low power consuming
  • Made of electrostatic coating , high anti-corrosion function
  • For operation in heavy duty usage
  • For outdoor and waterproof
  • Compatible with any kind of barrier

Product Properties:

Title Details
Type Parking System
Control Mode Automatic
Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
Length 410 mm
Width 212 mm
Height 1537 mm
Weight 32.1 Kg
Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
Input Voltage AC 100∼230 v
Operation Voltage DC 24v
Power(Running) 10 w
Operation Temperature -5∼60 Centigrade
Flow Rate 30 Passage/Minute

Technical Plan:

Technical Plan Gate

Support and Warranty:

All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

2 year warranty



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