Hygiene Gate

Hygiene Gates can guarantee the optimal personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points , which is so important in a wide array of industries, food processing , Cleaning room entries , hospitals in particular. Hygiene Gates are designed for both hand washing and footwear cleaning, they include automatic hand disinfection units with a walk-through brush cleaner for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear, hand dryer unit and finally a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with one’s hands properly cleaned. Saela Hygiene Gates are highly efficient, easy to maintain, quick to proceed and installed , with high-quality of stainless steel

Hygiene gates are produced to any business in pursuit of the highest hygiene standards needed

saela HF57YAF

Model: Saela HF57YAF

saela T111

Model: Saela T111

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