Full Height Turnstile Gate FH503

SAELA Full Height Turnstile Gate FH503

Saela FH503 is semi automatic full height turnstile specifically designed to coordinate with  the security systems, and is installed at the entrance and exit of a restricted area for the unidirectional or bi-directional control of passage. It can integrate with a   recognition system, , card readers...etc.


Saela FH503 designed suitable for outdoor and in doors uses with LED direction indicators to indicate access entry and exit. When the turnstile is being push to an angle of 90 & 120 degrees (One Cycle), it will lock automatically to prevent tailgating.


Saela FH503 is suitable access control solutions for , high security applications where the fully automatic and unmanned
identification of pedestrians are required. such as prison, stadium , sensitive sites .  This unit comes with high quality anti-corrosive surface, guaranteed reliable operation under the extreme outdoor conditions .


Features and functions:

  • Made of 304# stainless steel, high anti-corrosion function
  • For use indoors & out doors  
  • single-direction or bi-direction, indicated with LED lights
  • Fail-safe operation provides gate unlocking in case of fire alarm or if the electricity is down
  • Easy configuration and low maintenance
  • Designed for long term continuous use
  • Internal UPS for operation in  power  outage condition
  • Audible alarms notify nearby staff of an intrusion attempt
  • Works with all readers and access control systems
  • For High level security sites
  • One pass, one rotation, one entry

Product Properties:

Title Details
Type Full Height Turnstile gate
Control Mode Semi-Automatic
Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
Length 1400 mm
Installation Width 2200 mm
Height under top channel 2300 mm
Top channel height 200 mm
Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
Arms Material Stainless Steel 304
The Length of Arm 500 mm
Input Voltage
AC 110∼220 v
Operation Voltage DC 24v
Power(Peak) 50 w
Operation Temperature -20∼+50 Centigrade
Flow Rate 16 Passage/Minute
Working environments Indoor/Outdoor

Support and Warranty:

All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

2 year warranty





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