Flap gate Saela F400


F400  is  designed for smooth and silent operation  and also well adopted in entrances and exits of buildings or  sites, to help tracking staffs and visitors  to  help authorized users be  able to access specific areas through the flap barriers. Lights on the barriers are to indicate status of the flap barriers  

F400 draws very little power. During emergencies and power outages the barriers automatically swing, thereby ensuring users fast unencumbered exit to safety.


The gate can open in one direction, or it can open in both directions for controlled in and controlled out application

 F400 can easily integrate with any access control systems and  activated by entry control devices such as a push button installed at a guard.


Key Features


  • Made of 304# stainless steel, high anti-corrosion function
  • Internal UPS for operation in power  loose condition
  • For use indoors
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • remote control panel
  • Audible alarms notify nearby staff of an intrusion attempt
  • single-direction or bi-direction, indicated with LED lights
  • Works with all readers and access control systems
  • In the case of power loss , the gate assumes an open or closed option , depending on user settings.
  • In emergencies the gate opens automatically

Product Properties:

Title Details
Type Flap Gate
Control Mode Automatic
Communication Interface RS232, TCP/IP, Ethernet
Length 1450 mm
Width 250mm+600mm+250mm=1100mm
Height 1006 mm
Weight 70+70=140 Kg
Housing Material Stainless Steel 304
Arms Material Plexi Glass
The Length of Any Arm 275 mm
Input Voltage AC 100∼230 v
Operation Voltage DC 24v
Power(Running) 160 w
Operation Temperature 0∼60 Centigrade
Flow Rate 30 Passage/Minute

Technical Plan:

Technical Plan Gate

Support and Warranty:

All products of SAELA Industrial Group have 2 years warranty.

2 year warranty



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